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CFCNJIC Archival Collections on Microfilm

Identifier: Microfilm cabinets

Scope and Contents

Black Power Movement Part 1 - includes Amiri Baraka (9 reels) See index in External Documents.

Churchman Funeral Home Records, 1902-1934 (2 reels) See Newark Archives Project in External Documents for more information on this collection. From NJHS Collection. Plus index to volume 2 in Oversized Books collection under title "Churchman".

City of Newark Engineering Drawings (6 reels) Reel 1. Engineering drawings. Sewer system, Feb. 9, 1978, tube #1-tube #72 [3rd gen.] -- Reel 2. [continued], tube #73-tube #100 [3rd gen.] -- Reel 3. [continued], tube #101-tube #183 ; miscellanea [3rd gen.] -- Reel 9. Drawings. Commissioners' notes-key [to] Monticello Park, Vailsburgh Annex-sewers [positive] -- Reel 10. Drawings. Bureau of Sewers-AC-1 [to] Duplicates (blue prints) "Bell mouth of Hamburg Pl." [positive] -- Reel 1-35MM. Books/booklets. Solid waste disposal plan of action [to] CEA bid submittal [positive]. Education A Series of Letters On the Larger Cathechism by John Witherspoon (1 reel)

Essex County Parks Scrapbooks (16 reels). Microfilmed by the Essex County Parks Archives

Essex County Parks Annual Rreports Microfilmed by the Essex County Parks Archives

Essex County Records (76 reels) includes 1875 census, certificates of incorporation 1828-1922, Justice of the Peace, Dockets, 1785-1911 Lunacy Papers, 1853-1900 and 1900-1903, with indexes covering 1878-1981 Marriage Records, 1795-1910, with indexes covering 1795-1886 Miscellaneous Records, 1802-1889. These include leases, releases, bonds, judgments, agreements, bills of sale, and documents concerning power of attorney, right of way, military discharge, firemen's exemption, marriage, adoption, separation, and manumission. With indexes covering 1802-1979. Name Changes, 1877-1967.

Essex County Slave Records, 1787-1853 (1 reel) Digitized. See Digital Materials.

Farleigh Dickinson Holdings (5 reels) Introduction says it consists of full holdings of the NJ Room. Microfilmed 1970. Reel 1: Account Books - Dickinson, Philemon; Reel II: District Medical Society of Hunterdon County - Pompton Club; Reel 3: Receipts - Russell Family; Reel 4: Rutherfurd family - Watts Family; Reel 5: Wickes, Stephen - Wilson, Woodrow. "Although there are a number of 18th century and original Colonial legislative acts the bulk of material is concerned with the 19th century. The largest single collection comprises the Rutherford-Russell-Watts family papers, Edgerston, NJ and New York City."

Folktales and Legends from the NJ Pines (thesis) (1 reel) by Herbert Halpert

Gardner Collection (62 reels) From New Jersey Historical Society Group 1-3, and Rutgers Group 1-2. Likely from the Charles C. Gardner Collections at both institutions. Arranged alphabetically within each group.

Geologic Survey of NJ Passaic Folio Map (1 reel)

Governor Jonathan Belcher Letter Books 1723-1754 (4 reels) Reel 1, 8-10

Griffith Music Foundation Documents (5 reels)

Griffith Music Foundation Scrapbooks 1936-1955 (8 reels) See Newark Archives Project (External Documents section) for more information.

Historic Information File (112 reels) Microfilmed clippings file.

History of Labor in the broad-silk industry of Paterson NJ by JE Wood (1 reel)

Index to Compiled Service Records of Union Soldiers (26 reels)

International Operations of the Singer Manufacturing Co. [thesis] (1 reel)

Irvington Public Library Photograph Collection (2 reels)

Italians of Newark (thesis) (1 reel)

Jerseyana Articles from the Star Ledger 1949-1965 (1 reel)

Johnson Public Library Holdings (1 reel)

Lake Wood Historic Records At State Library (1 reel)

Morris Canal and Banking Company Library (1 reel)

Morristown National Historical Society (Abbott - Zwehl) (69 reels) - Lloyd W. Smith Collection The papers consist of correspondence, journals, logbooks, and other documents collected by Lloyd Waddell Smith, focusing on the American Revolution, the French and Indian War, the War of 1812, the United States Civil War, English history, and the Thirty Years' War.

Negro Welfare League of New Jersey, 1917-1954 (1 reel) Digitized. See Digital Material for link.

New Jersey Catholic Historic Records Commission (2 reels) As indexed on microfilm boxes: Roll 1- Egg Harbor City St. Nicholas German Roman Catholic Benevolent Society; Constitution 1886, 1904, 1933; Minutes of Meetings Vol. 1-5 1866-1933. Roll 2- Minutes of Meetings Vol. 6-7; Membership Register (1866-1959); Cash Books (1866-1945); Dues Register (1866-1909); St. Nicholas Social Club Minutes of Meetings 1904-1910.

New Jersey Civil List, 1664-1800 (1 reel)

New Jersey Loyalist Papers (12 reels) This collection consists of records of the claims for compensation submitted to the British authorities in London by New Jersey property owners who suffered losses through loyalty to the British Crown during the American Revolution. See "Newark Archives Project" in External Documents for more information.

New Jersey Magazine and Monthly Advertiser, 1786-1787 (1 reel)

New Jersey Tax Ratables (25 reels)

New York Magazine or Literary Repository, 1790-1792 (1 reel)

Newark Academy Trustee's Minutes, 1792-1978 (4 reels)

Newark Dept of Engineering Books/Booklets (1 reel) This file may have been compiled due to resident uproar regarding a garbage incinerator in the late 1970s. It is an invaluable resource for those studying the garbage incinerator protests or waste disposal issues. Reports span the 1950s-1970s include (in order): Solid Waste Disposal A Plan of Action (city of Newark); Environmental Impact Statement Refuse Processing Facility Newark, NJ CEA-OXY Resource Recovery Associations; Newark's Resource Recovery Program Contract (City of Newark / CEA/Oxy/ Combustion Equipment Associates, Occidental Petroleum Corp.; PSE and G); Full Purchase Agreement between PSE and G and Combustion (1976); Eco-Fuel II The Technology and Economics a report to Combustion Equipment Assoications Inc. by Arthur D. Little Inc.; Concept Paper - Establishment of an Industrial Recyclying Park in the City of Newark, JJ (Dept. of Engineering, 1977); Solid waste disposal bid specifications (1976); Economic Factors in Refuse Derived Fuel Utilization John L. Rose Group Manager Environmental Engineering Syska & Hennessy Inc. Presented at the Eigth National Waste Processing Conference (1978); Report of Municipal Council Committee to Study Methods of Waste Disposal Philip E. Gordon, Frank Addonizio, Lee Bernstein (1964); Newark Solid Waste Management Problems and Solutions Newark College of Engineering; Supplemental Report to the City of Newark, NJ on Municipal Incinerators Louis P. Booz, Cunsulting Engineer, 1953; Report to the City of Newark on Municipal Incinerators (1952?); Housing Authority of the City of Newark and C-O Urban Renewal Corp. Lease of Land and Memorandum of Agreement (1978); First Quarterly Report Solid Waste Disposal Weighing Project (1978); Municipal Refuse Disposal Newark, NJ Gary Brian Liss (Tufts college independent study); Industrial Recycling Park Development Proposal; The acid test for Bridgement by Gregg E. Easterbrook (1978); Resource Recovery and Economic Development Port Authority of NY and NJ (1978); An Analysis of Newark's Resource Recovery Program Rutgers MPA Special Project Gary Brian Liss (1978); Environmental Assessment Statement for the Earthline Chemical Waste Processing and Recovery Facility Newark, NJ prepared for Earthline Company by Wehran Engineering Corporation; Combustion Equipment Associations application statement to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for CEA's Newark Refuse Processing Facility (1977)

Newark Library Scrapbooks (5 reels, filed under "Newark Library" and "NPL" Scrapbook)

Newark Meadows Trials, 1936-1948 (1 reel) IF File

Newark News Indexes

Organization of the city government of Newark by M. Weiss (1 reel)

Paterson Censuses, 1824-1832 (1 reel)

Plainfield High School Yearbooks, 1912-1997 (7 reels)

Post Office Department Reports of Site Locations and Postmasters Appointed (7 reels) 1832-1971 for all counties and towns in NJ, with notes

Progresisive Movement in New Jersey, Early Years (thesis) (1 reel)

Records of the 1820 Census of Manufacturers (1 reel)

Records of the Bureau of Public Dept (2 reels)

Records of the NJ and NY Continental Loan Offices (2 reels)

Remembering Newark's Greeks: An American Odyssey (2 reels)

Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land Warrant Applications (1 reel)

Robert B. Meyner: a Personal and Political Portrait (1 reel)

Rutgers-Newark history by Stephens, 1964 (1 reel)

Ship Passenger Lists, 1820-1873 (4 reels)

Silk Strike of 1913: Paterson, NJ (1 reel)

Slavery In New Jersey, a Study of (1 reel)

Socio-economic factors and liberty service to students

Source Book of Music in NJ (3 reels)

Stevens Family Papers (NJHS) (46 reels)

Union County Marriages, 1857-1881 (1 reel)

West Jersey Proprieters Records (14 reels)

Young builder's general instructor by Minard Lefever (1 reel)

Originals at the Other Institutions


  • 1723 - 1997


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