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AV Collection

 Digital Collection
Identifier: DVD Collection


  • dates of public material 1975-2010, archived videos through present


Few digitized:

AV (originally on DVD and CD)

  • A Day in the Life of Newark Students (originally a PPT slideshow from CD)
  • Beautiful downtown Newark
  • Fellows and Elite's Brick City Ball
  • Honoring Amiri Baraka: Part I
  • Honoring Amiri Baraka: Part II
  • Newark and the riots
  • Newark It's My Home
  • Sightseeing in Newark / photographed by John H. Dunnachie. [This is Newark]. [Newark's 300th anniversary parade]
  • Oral History of Mt. Zion Baptist Church
  • Prudential Arena Opening: Invite and Program (Originally from CD)

Our DVD collection is cataloged and includes Newark videos as well as library programs and Newark History Society Programs.. You can search our catalog of DVDs at:

We do not have much original Newark footage, for some sources of original Newark video see:

New library programs are not burned to DVD but, if recorded, can be found on Youtube at .

All Newark History Society programs have been digitized and new programs are not burned to DVD. They can be viewed at .

Backup copies of Newark Library and Newark History Society Youtube videos are kept on the Z Drive in the Archives.


5.179 Gigabytes (8 videos [15 files], public files)

376 Gigabytes (692 files ) : Internal use, see note