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1) ICATW Tapes #2 – This is a television show discussion of SCA’s proposal to build an incinerator to burn hazardous chemicals in Ironbound. Probably one of the earliest tapes. It is a television show interview with Bob Cartwright, Arnold Cohen and Madelyn Hoffman & a contentious host. Some of the footage was destroyed but there are two short coherent sequences here.

2) 1984 “DEP Public Hearing” - This is an edited tape of a DEP Public Hearing held at Essex County College with testimony opposing construction of a garbage incinerator in Ironbound. Filmed and edited by the Metropolitan Ecumenical Ministry of Newark, NJ. Excellent and angry!

3) March 1989 – To Burn or Not To Burn: A Time To Question - This tape was made by: Greg Calbi & Marti Castello from GREO & Eco-Alert. It begins with a still picture of an incinerator under construction. It includes film of Dr. Barry Commoner and the USA’s moon shot. Very interesting!

4) 8/28/89 – Demonstration Against The World’s Largest Sludge Incinerator - This tape, filmed by a neighbor, shows the entire demonstration ICATW did at the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission, against construction of the world’s largest sludge incinerator. ICATW demonstrated by planting flowers in clean compost (brought in and dumped by Greenpeace); arrests were made!

5) 1990 “Pointless Pollution” – This is a tape about how waterways get polluted made by ICC and the NJ Conservation Foundation aimed at elementary school students.

6) 3/9/1990“Newark The Global City: Recycling Program” – This is an interesting television show about the City of Newark’s existing Recycling Program , at a time when Newark’s recycling program was much bigger than it is currently.

7) 1990 “Newark On The Line with Mark Crumpton.: Incineration in the East Ward” This is an interview show taped, discussing the proposal to put an incinerator, featuring comments from ICATW. It includes two panels with 6 different commentators, among them Arnold Cohen, and the owner of the garbage incinerator.

8) 1991 October : “Ironbound: Fighting To Breathe” – A five minute tape made for Ironbound Committee Against Toxic Waste by private filmmakers Jason Kliot, Joana Vincente, & Chris Ryan, this is a short overview of toxics in the Ironbound. Footage of Mr. Morgado, and English translation while he describes his problem in Portuguese on screen.

9) December 1992: “First Citizens Conference on Dioxin: Overview” This is a one hour tape which is part of a 9 part series produced by Dr. Paul Connette, a dioxin expert who frequently assisted ICATW. This conference in North Carolina, one week prior to an International Summit on dioxin being held at the same location. It begins with short quotes from all types of people featured in the series, including a military general, a victim of dioxin poisoning, scientists, Greenpeace experts, union, lawyers, and scientist Dr. Barry Commoner. The first tape then “previews” each of the remaining 8 shows, with summaries and quotes.

10) 2000 Brick City Program (includes a segment on asthma in the Ironbound) – Begins with a segment on mushrooming development in the East Ward. Interviews with Al Faiella, Director of the Newark Economic Development Commission & later Deputy Mayor, and interviews with SPARK representatives opposing “unplanned development.” The second segment deals with Asthma in Ironbound

All digital except #7.

“Ironbound Insights” Programs: Ironbound Insights was a program produced for Cablevision’s community viewing channels by Vic De Luca, director of the Ironbound Community Corporation. Close to 100 shows were made. The show ran from during the 19890’s. The dates on these are most likely the dates the program aired on Cablevision (not the taping dates). Programs which have been copied are described below in sequential order. Some of the tapes are “edit tapes”, that is they are raw footage which was later incorporated into Vic’s formal programs.

#11 1/12/84 ICATW Dioxin Discussion & Tenant Rights a) Bob Cartwright (ICC staff member) gives a thorough discussion about dioxin (including a map with orange and green dots showing where the dioxin had been spread through wind, trucks and flooding). This is followed by a discussion about Solid Waste, with Madelyn Hoffman and Maria Durkin, parent coordinator at the preschool. There is a good video segment of Dr. Theodore Goldfarb talking about “growing concern” about garbage incinerators, and calling for a moratorium on their building. ) 1/26/84 Tenants Rights. Frank Hutchins & Nancy Zak talk about tenant issues.

#12 6/14/84 Ironbound Theatre & Dioxin Update Ironbound Theatre. The history of the Ironbound Theatre with some actors and participants including one of the Troy West sons 6/28/84 Dioxin Update & Agent Orange Settlement. This show has Tim Haley, lawyer for the people, and another lawyer for the Vietnam Vets. It includes a long clip of the earlier show where Bob Cartwright talked about the dioxin case (from April 84 ?)

13)Incineration Protest March, June 1984 – includes Wilson Ave. Bathhouse, Peace Project, Ambulance Squad, Housing Conferences, (with Professor Louie), Firehouse Victory Interviews

This is an edit tape, rather than a formal program. (Pieces of this tape appear in later formal programs). It begins with the Protest march against the garbage incinerator up Ferry St. (June 10, 1984). There is a short section on Right To Housing, and segments from the ICC Talent Show. The second part of this tape features Rev. David Burgess giving the history of the Wilson Ave. Bathhouse, and a history of what happened, and shows one of the small demonstrations by children in the inflatable pool, and a segment on the Ironbound Peace Project. The next segment here is the Ambulance squad, pieces from “Where Will We Live?” A Housing Conference (Vic De Luca, Chairs and Donald Tucker speaks), some interviews after the saving of the firehouse, then a second Housing Conference with Professor Louie, street poet, Frank Hutchins, Councilman Tucker, Rev. Eric Duff, Francine Christopher.

#14 ICC 15 Year Celebration Tape (1969-1984) (This is possibly an edit tape, probably 1984. Pieces of this tape appear in later formal programs).

ICC 15th Anniversary Celebration, includes a segment on GREO Grassroots Environmental Organization) with Lois Gibbs, East Side High School Cheerleaders, Right to Housing Demonstration going from Penn Station to Trenton & the Wilson Ave. Bathhouse (before it was knocked down), with Rev. David Burgess.

#15 8/16/84 Includes Taxes & Thomas St. Update & White Lung, Asbestos Property Taxes. Researcher Robert Cartwright (ICC staff member) talks about the property tax issue in Ironbound & Ambulance Squad 7/26/84 Thomas St. Update Joe Nardone, Arnold Cohen, and Roger Watson principal of South St. School.. This is a program after one year of waiting for a clean up. They talk about the Oversight Commission that was set up, the Public Advocate’s Court Case, and the August deadline they have to remove all the chemical waste. They talk about 20,000 drums having going down to 12,000, DEP fines being a “joke” because they are never collected, and can we make it to August without a “catastrophe.” Scary. & The section above also ends with a separate section with Miles O’Malley from the White Lung Association, and Arnold Cohen on asbestos and its removal from schools.

#16 10/2/84 Citywide Recreation Coalition & Newark Bears – John Smith (South Ward) and Barbra Kunz (East Ward) discuss the “deplorable” state of recreation in Newark, while there was unspent money in the city’s budget. Then a discussion with a former batboy for the Newark Bears, with photos from Rupert Stadium. Part 2: Taxes: Impending Revaluation & the Community Food Bank of New Jersey Discusses a petition drive to preserve the moratorium on taxes, and possible solutions to the problem.

17) 11/15/84 Dinner Dance Fundraiser for the ICATW & Newark Emergency Services for Families ICATW Dinner Dance. Interesting showing the support the community gave to the fight against the garbage incinerator. Vic de Luca does interviews with a variety of people at the event asking whether the Portuguese population will join the fight against the incinerator in large number 11/29/84 Newark Emergency Services for Families, a service provider in Newark.

18) 1/9/85 a. Portuguese in Ironbound: Three prominent Portuguese are interviewed about their personal history and the history of their people in the neighborhood. Also discussed is the formation of the Portuguese American Congress. b. Newark Community School of the Arts. Interviews with a staff member and parent involved in this non-profit arts school, and performance by a student from Oliver St. School.

19) 1985 May ICC Talent Show, Home Friends, Update on Incinerator The first program here is Ironbound Community Corporation’s Talent Show, and a segment on the Home Friends Program. Second program is an Update on the Garbage Incinerator which begins with Bob Cartwright speaking. It is shortly after both the City Council (6 voting in favor, 1 against, 1 abstention) and the Freeholder Board (8 voting in favor, 1 against) voted to place the incinerator in Ironbound. There is a tape showing a larger meeting (probably GREO, the statewide organization) with Arnold Cohen, June Kruszewski, Jim Hilbert, Bob Cartwright introduces Lois Gibbs who speaks, and then June Kruszewski and a Portuguese woman named Rose (ICATW) member were interviewed on camera.

20)Probably 1987 Titled Incinerator Rally This is probably an “edit tape”, later made into programs. Includes: a) Incinerator Rally at Wolff Church, with Portuguese translation of speakers by Rosa Conceicao. Speakers: Rev. David Burgess, Arnold Cohen, Bob Cartwright, Freeholder Parlavecchio, Principal Joe Rendeiro (Hawkins St. school), Michael Gordon (lawyer for ICATW). And a “Clean It Up skit by kids. b)Parts of a slide show presented by Joan Driscoll of her visit to Nicaragua c) Peace Poster Dinner with speakers Dr. Mark Laveties, and a speaker from the Catholic Archdiocescan office on the Peace Ribbon Project d) Victory Rally when the Firehouse was reopened, Engine #8 e) Another conference on Military Spending and how it affects communities, looks to be at the Lafayette St. School building (man with glasses major speaker, Vic and other ICC staff are present)

21 3/15/88 Debate on Newark Public Housing This program ran an hour, as Councilmen Carrino a – demanding equal time – and Ramon Rivera from La Casa debate Councilman Tucker and Vic De Luca, protesting the demolition of high rise public housing buildings. Includes a shot of the dynamiting of Columbus Homes. Tucker’s point is that it is a “govermnet responsibility to house the poor”. 11,000 people were on the public housing waiting list at the time.

22 5/5/88 Includes Terrell Homes Youth for Action, Ironbound Theatre, Newark Literacy Campaign, East Side H.S. Soccer Coach There are two programs here. The first with a) Wesley Gilmore and Donna Powell, from a Terrell Homes group called Youth for Action. b) This is a discussion with representatives from the Ironbound Theatre (this was left off the label). The second segment includes a) a copywrighted program on the Newark Literacy Campaign, filmed by Tami Gold for Newark Mediaworks and b) An interview with the East Side High School’s woman soccer coach.

23 8/25/88 Newark Artist Fred Byrd & Wilson Ave. Bathhouse Fight Update & Condo Conversion

The first part of this tape is an interview with Star Ledger writer Fred Byrd, which features portraits painted by him.

The second part of this tape begins with Vic’s award from Newark Mediaworks for the show on Public Housing. The first actual segment concerns the Wilson Ave. Bathhouse demolition and the struggle to get the new pool built. At this point in time, the pool is promised to open in 1989. It is after the discovery of polluted soil, and 10 years since the community began fighting to save the bathhouse. The second part of the program deals with condo conversion taking place around the city, and features then resident Richard Cammarieri, as his building goes through the process, and lawyer Ray Korona on peoples legal rights.

All digital/

Additional Ironbound Insights in digital folder: 1989 undated: Ironbound Ambulance Squad, Joe Parlevecchio (Freeholder), Basketball, Newark Coalition for Low Income Housing Court Case

ORAL HISTORY INTERVIEWS (DVD's #25-30): This series is described in a separate entry entitled, "Oral History Collection."

25-26) Oral History Interviews 11/12

a. Interview with Trina Paulus. Trina Paulus is author of a world reknown book, “Hope for the Flowers,” and partner to ICATW during some of its environmental justice work.

b. Interview with Robert Cartwight 11/12 Robert Cartwright is a former ICC staff person, and was the primary researcher for Ironbound Committee Against Toxic Waste, an organizer, and producer of “Ironbound Voices” newspaper.

27-28) Oral History Interviews 11/12

a.Interview with Dr. Ana Baptista. Dr. Baptista grew up on Schalk St. in Ironbound, and directs the Environmental Justice Program at Ironbound Community Corporation. In this interview Ana talks about growing up in Ironbound, and the importance of this work to her.

b. Interview with Michael Gordon Michael Gordon became the lawyer for ICATW, and worked on a number of cases. One of his major cases was the dioxin case on behalf of workers and neighbors. Michael is still an Environmental Justice lawyer, and still involved in this case.

29) Interviews Jan. 2012. These informal interviews were taped on the occasion of the Archives opening in January 2012. Includes: Kim Schaeffer, June Kruszewski, Matt Krautheim, Joe Nardone, Arnold Cohen, Michael Gordon, among others.

All digital.

Miscellaneous Additional Tapes (DVD's #31-34): #31, "Llosgydd Merthyr," BBC Wales program on garbage incineration, featuring footage in Newark (in Welsh, with English subtitles); #32, testimony before the Congressional Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on ports and goods movement; #33, "Electronic Waste (E-Waste)," My 9 news reports, re: Newark; #34, "Revitalizing East Ferry," The Brownfields Area-Wide Planning Program (fall of 2012)

Digital Videos Not At Van Buren:

Folder 1: "TV News Clips"

35a - Aspen Stratford Homes 35b- Stratford Apartments #2 with Louis Quintana 35c - March 1993 Columbus Homes Demonstration 36 -Incinerator March 37 - Passaic River Cleanup with Robert Menendez

Folder 2: "Other Videos"

38 - Van Buren Riverbank Mailbox (Photos and Videos) 39 - Multiple Short Clips 5-20 minutes from #20 and other longer edit tapes 40A and B - May 2010 Truck Hearing 41 Carry It On ICC Celebration Video 42 Community Schools 43 Rebirth of Riverbank Park 2001 44 Riverfront Park Opening 2012 45 Housing is a Human Right Brick Towers Revisited 46 Janies Janie 47 Slideshow of EJ Photos 48 Introduction to EJ Archives 49 2004 ICC Slideshow 50 Newark War On Poverty We Got To Live Here 51 Not the American Dream Housing Crisis in Essex County 52 Tenant Power Conference 53 Tenant Conference 54 ICC 45th Anniversary

Folder 3: Photos

Photo CDS: Ed Norton photos (early 1950s-1970s) and Independence High School

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